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snack::SnackScreen Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A Screen;


- Screen(self) : constructor
- finish(self)
- resume(self)
- suspend(self)
- doHelpCallback(self,arg) call callback with arg
- helpCallback(self,cb): Set help callback
- suspendcallback(self,cb, data=None) : set callback. data=data to pass to cb.
- openWindow(self,left, top, width, height, title): Open a window.
- pushHelpLine(self,text): put help line on screen. Returns current help line if text=None
- setColor(self, colorset, fg, bg): Set foreground and background colors;
        colorset = key from snack.colorsets,
        fg & bg = english color names defined by S-Lang
            (ref: S-Lang Library C Programmer's Guide section:
            8.4.4.  Setting Character Attributes)

Definition at line 434 of file snack.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def centeredWindow
def doHelpCallback
def drawRootText
def finish
def gridWrappedWindow
def helpCallback
def openWindow
def popHelpLine
def popWindow
def pushHelpLine
def refresh
def resume
def setColor
def suspend
def suspendCallback

Public Attributes


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