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snack::Listbox Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Listbox class.


 - Listbox(self, height, scroll = 0, returnExit = 0, width = 0, showCursor = 0, multiple = 0, border = 0)
 - insert(self, text, item, before) : insert element; before = key to item to insert before, or None.
 - delete(self, item)               : delete item from list.
 - replace(self, text,item)         : Replace a given item's text
 - current(self)                    : returns currently selected item
 - getSelection(self)               : returns a list of selected items
 - setCurrent(self,i tem)           : select current.
 - clear(self)                      : clear listbox

Definition at line 142 of file snack.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def append
def clear
def current
def delete
def getSelection
def insert
def replace
def setCallback
def setCurrent

Public Attributes


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