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snack::Form Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Base Form class, from which Grid, etc. inherit


 - Form(self, helpArg = None) : constructor. 
 - addHotKey(self, keyname) : keynames of form "F1" through "F12", "ESC"
 - add(self, widget) : Add a widget
 - run(self): run a  form, expecting input
 - draw(self): draw form.
 - setTimer(self, timer) : add a timer
 - watchFile(self, file, flags) : watch a named file
 - setCurrent (self, co): Set a given widget as the current focus

Definition at line 302 of file snack.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def add
def addHotKey
def draw
def run
def setCurrent
def setTimer
def watchFile

Public Attributes


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