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snack::Entry Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Entry widget.


 - Entry(self, width, text = "", hidden = 0, password = 0, scroll = 1, returnExit = 0)
      constructor. hidden doesn't show text, password stars it out,
      scroll includes scroll bars;
      if returnExit is set, return from Form when exiting this element, else
       proceed to next entry widget.
 - value(self): return value.
 - set(text, cursorAtEnd = 1) : set the text
 - setFlags (flag, sense) : flags can be FLAG_DISABLED, FLAGS_SET, FLAGS_RESET, FLAGS_TOGGLE

Definition at line 264 of file snack.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def set
def setCallback
def setFlags
def value

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